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EUforum is a neutral and independent discussion platform that acts as a bridge between the discussions in the Netherlands and abroad on the European Union. Stay informed about new contributions via Clingendael's newsletter.

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Social Europe, but how? A view from Sweden

There is a strong yet vague call for a social Europe in Sweden, which in reality primarily seems to ...

Brexit: A wake up call for Europe

The UK’s decision to leave the EU has rekindled democracy across the European continent says Peter ...

Editors' choice

Four issues on which the EU must change

The EU continues on the road towards centralisation. Time for some issues for negotiation, believes ...

Poland and the EU: membership entails existential security

For Poland, the EU should learn how to handle European diversity, Marek Cichocki says, while it ...

How do member states view their EU membership?

On June 23, the UK decided to leave the EU. What kind of EU do citizens and member states actually want?

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